The world is our territory

SPMJ reaches the entire planet with partner agencies on all continents.

It is a consolidated channel to re-enforce global brands inside Brazil and to support those who are initiating a global launch.

From reputable laboratories to large aviation companies, renowned research institutes and companies leading their sectors, the varied portfolio of SPMJ is proof of success as a differentiating factor.

We have the solutions for modern communication and are aligned with the international market for each necessity, whatever your area of focus may be.

This is what we have been doing since 1986, in the pre-globalized era and without internet. Our company already had this advanced strategy ahead of the times.


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The experience of dealing in distinct segments of the market helps us to plan a better strategy of communication, reconciling the necessities of each company with whatever is the most innovative and modern in the informational world.

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Our know-how from more than 30 years in communication services, projects with Brazilian and international companies, has brought with it many exciting experiences. See some highlights from this history:

  • New Offices

    With continuous plans of expansion in Brazilian and international markets, SPMJ grew, added new clients and businesses, and moved to a new building, with spacious offices to service the growing demands of our clients. The new offices are modern, well-located and well-planned for our agency to work with segments of the market that are increasingly diversified, offering innovative services and new communication tools.
  • New brand of SPMJ

    To better communicate its activities and global positioning, SPMJ renovated its brand and launched a new site in May of 2017. The new logo uses a more modern font, with a design that transmits stability and new horizons. The site, also remodeled, presents the principal image and successes of the agency with friendly language and a more sophisticated design.
  • Agency ProEXPO of China

    SPMJ begins to work in the Chinese market through a partnership with the Agency ProEXPO, specialized in corporate communication in the industry of electronic products. With this, SPMJ adds yet another client to its portfolio: Microlab, one of the principal providers of wireless speakers, launching, exclusively in Brazil, the series M200 Platinum.
  • Avianca

    Communication in the skies: in 2010, OceanAir becomes Avianca, and SPMJ is the agency responsible for the company’s campaign in this new phase.
  • Proexport Colombia

    In plain international expansion, SPMJ is chosen as one of the four best agencies among the 18 which attend, globally, Proexport Colombia, an organization connected to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Colombia. The award took into account the results reached by the agencies in their countries to incentivize the influx of tourists and attraction of new types of investments for Colombia. SPMJ Comunicação supported Proexport Colombia to promote commercial trade and international tourism between the countries, the focus of the organization.
  • Pinnacle worldwide

    SPMJ begins to integrate, as the only Brazilian member, with the (now dissolved) Pinnacle Worldwide, an association with its central office in the United States, joining together 70 independent communications companies around the world. The objective is to promote business among the associates to offer integrated packages of communication to international clients.
  • Allison Transmission

    After only four years of business, SPMJ is already bound to reach the world: winning the account of Allison Transmission (General Motors Group), conducting educational campaigns for the press in the principal countries of Latin America, about the benefits of the automatic shift in medium and heavy vehicles, with emphasis on the contribution of the equipment to the health of motorists in urban transport.
  • The birth of SPMJ

    Created in 1986, SPMJ is born in the effervescence of a new global context: innovative media technologies begin to appear, digital communication positions itself to overtake the old barriers, inclined to make virtual movement the new daily rhythm.

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The portfolio of SPMJ is filled with national and international clients, a challenge that few agencies are able to sustain for as long as we have. See some companies which have helped to build our story and who trust SPMJ:

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