BMC, a global leader in software solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, announced compelling new capabilities to its BMC AMI (Automated Mainframe Intelligence) and BMC Compuware portfolios to accelerate DevOps transformation, and help prevent credential and insider threat activities. Together, these innovations help enterprises gain greater visibility into the data and insights needed to drive their digital transformation. They also reinforce the value of the mainframe as a platform for long-term growth and new workloads.


Visibility with Context Improves Service Quality

Updates to BMC AMI Ops bring mainframe event data to BMC Helix Discovery, creating a service-aware topology that isolates dependencies and prioritizes problems based on business impact. This added visibility and context helps enterprises resolve service issues and improve service quality. BMC AMI Ops is also integrated with Splunk to help companies automatically identify, investigate, and remediate problems faster to prevent costly downtime and streamline incident resolution. In addition, BMC AMI Security also integrates within the Splunk environment to collect enriched security data and operations and performance details so that teams can collaborate for faster investigation and incident response.


“The mainframe continues to play an important role in the future of digital business,” stated Chris Steffen, research director, security and risk management, Enterprise Management Associates. “But to meet rising digital demands and deliver the highest quality customer experience, operations and development teams must have the visibility to prioritize problems impacting critical services and continuously improve the software delivery cycle. A mainframe-inclusive topology and actionable software development metrics give teams the insights to make fact-based decisions.”


Accelerate DevOps through New KPI Metrics

BMC Compuware zAdvisor empowers organizations to react more quickly to market changes to optimize the customer experience through new key performance indicator (KPI) metrics that deliver actionable insights to drive DevOps transformation. Development teams can use the machine-learning-enabled dashboards to pinpoint software delivery bottlenecks and quality issues while monitoring the mainframe software development lifecycle to continuously improve velocity, quality, and efficiency.


Securing Privileged Users and Credentials

To prevent credential theft and insider threat activities, BMC AMI Security introduces the ability to secure privileged enterprise users and credentials through Privileged Access Management for RACF, ACF2, or TSS External Security Managers.


“At BMC, we constantly strive to improve and strengthen our BMC AMI and BMC Compuware solutions to help our customers adapt to their changing business needs,” said John McKenny, senior vice president and general manager, Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation at BMC. “Through these innovations, we’re helping them get one step closer to achieving their mainframe digital transformation goals to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.”


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